When potential clients search for your business or keywords related to your business, Google pulls information based on your Google My Business listing before displaying your business in its search results. That listing includes information like business name, address, telephone number, website, hours, the type of services you provide, and more. But did you know that edits to your listing can occur via 3rd party data, 3rd party apps, and even public users?

If you’ve ever Googled your business and noticed incorrect details and information, you may have been a victim of this. Unauthorized edits often result in inaccurate information, and that can cost you big time. For example, a potential client may be misled about your address, the hours your business is open, and even the type of business or firm you run. When customers get the wrong information, it can leave a bad impression and can result in lost business and even poor word-of-mouth.

We Keep Your Google My Business Listing Accurate and Up-to-Date

At BHC Group, we know how important accurate Google My Business listings are to our clients’ success. That’s why we constantly monitor them for unauthorized changes. If we detect that anything—whether it’s an app, a user, or even someone within your business—has made inaccurate changes to your listing, we’ll make immediate corrections.

In addition, we also stay on top of anything that changes at your business to make sure it’s accurately reflected in your Google My Business listing. Did your business hours change? Did you move to a new office location? Did your business name change? If so, you can count on us to make those changes right away to give potential clients the most accurate and up-to-date information about your business.

We’re Here to Give You Peace of Mind

Having a strong local search presence on Google is essential to your success. And nothing derails a business presence like an outdated or flat-out incorrect Google My Business listing. With our team of search experts on your side, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized edits or changes hurting your business. It’s just another thing we do to maximize your website’s performance and conversions. Contact us today to find out more about Google My Business Listing management and Local Search Marketing.