GBP offers messaging, automated FAQs and booking features combined with AI to educate people about your business, showcase quality customer service, and build relationships with customers. Messaging, automated FAQs and booking not only helps to engage with customers, but also improves search visibility.



Enabling messaging in GBP allows customers to contact you directly with questions and comments by using the message button on your Business Profile. To reply in the Google Maps app, simply tap ‘Updates’ followed by ‘Messages’. You can also check and respond to customer messages through your Business Profile on Google Search, Maps, or Text.

Tips for the best messaging experience: Check that your notifications are turned on in Settings to stay up to date. Quickly reply to messages to build trust and keep the conversation going.

Set up notifications: Depending on your device, you’ll want to set up your device to receive notifications on Google Maps when you receive chat messages. You can turn on SMS notifications by verifying your mobile number and enabling the option for text alerts.


Automated FAQs

Make the most of GBP through chat with automatic FAQs and message responses.

Want to save time on answering commonly asked questions?
Automatic FAQs can provide customers with your website, business address, and much more.

Automatic FAQs are created using info already in your Google Business Profile and from your website. Supplying up to 10 custom FAQs manually gives Google even more to work with and improve search visibility.

Automated FAQs can be configured by type of automated FAQs. You can specifically tell Google which information it can create FAQs from, such as hours, appointments, contact information, location, payment, delivery, website and more.


Make it easier for your customers to book online instantly within Google. If you currently use a booking service, it may connect to Google. It’s important to link that to your GBP and increase bookings directly from Google Search & Maps.

Below are a few examples of booking solutions that integrate with GBP:

  • Google Calendar
  • Calendly
  • Yocale
  • Workiz

More Integations: