Studies show that around 80 percent of people use search engines when they’re looking for local businesses. That’s why it’s more vital than ever to have a strong local marketing strategy for your business.

If Google recognizes your business as being one of the top in your location, your website will show up in the first handful of results for local searches—and that means more visitors to your website, more form submissions, more phone calls, and ultimately more potential clients.

3 Reasons Local Search Marketing Makes Sense for your Business

Our search team works hard to synchronize your website, social media accounts, and business citations. That information is used by Google when people search for an business in your city, and with our optimization tactics, your website will be more likely to show up among the top results.

Although many businesses want to establish a broad reach, focusing on your city rather than your state or region can yield better results among current and potential clients for three important reasons:

  • People want a local business that’s convenient to their location.
    When people are searching for a business, they want to find one that’s as close to their homes as possible. Potential clients are more likely to contact a business that is a short drive from them. Effective local search campaigns make it easy for potential clients to find your address and get driving directions to your office.

  • People want a local business that’s easy to find and contact.
    Businesses that don’t have strong local search marketing campaigns and strategies may find that their websites get buried among dozens of local and not-so-local competitors on Google search rankings. If current and potential clients have to dig through a page or two of results to find your website, they’ll be less likely to contact you for an initial consultation or to follow up on a previous consultation. Focusing on local search marketing makes it faster and easier for current and future clients to find you.

At BHC Group, we know the ins and outs of local search marketing, and we have established proven methods for utilizing this powerful marketing tool that are designed to increase traffic to your website and generate high-quality leads. Contact us today to get started.