Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. Blog posts can give you more opportunities to increase your search visibility and make your site more appealing to visitors.


Why does blogging improve search visibiliy?

You may have heard that content is king. Google and other search engines use your website content to figure out what results come up for each search query. It also decides how to position those results. Blogging can help you increase your website content, the number of pages, and optimize your site for better visibility. Blogging can contribute to steady amounts of traffic over time and long after it’s been published.

How to go about blogging?

First choose topics that your clients or customers would search online. These are important questions and concerns they may have. You probably can think of several right now based on typical questions and comments you hear over and over. Next, consider topics related to what is going on in your industry today such as the latest trends.

Use keywords in your topics and content that your audience might use in their online search to find answers to these questions, concerns or trends. Consider keyword phrases your audience might type or use in voice search.

Create content your readers, and search engines, will love. Incorporate your keywords while writing relevant content that quickly and clearly gives your reader what they are looking for in their question or concern. Readability improves the chances that your readers will engage with your content. Vocabulary choices, sentence and paragraph length, and the structure of your blog posts can all make your posts more readable.

Let Us Blog For You

We use research tools that help us discover topics and keywords that grab the interest of new audiences. Our content writing team is great at writing engaging copy that is structured to improve the search visibility of your website. We charge a content writing fee and recommend one to two blogs a month. Simply send us your initial topics and keywords, since you know your business and customers best, and we can get started right away.